Braces in Huddersfield and Holmfirth

August 27, 2014

FASTBRACES brace system is a system that allows you to complete “tooth straightening” treatment in months not years. The system can typically reduce treatment time to  3 months to 12 months.

FASTBRACES uses a super-elastic nickel-titanium wire and a patented ‘T’-shaped triangle design bracket on the teeth which allows for simultaneous movement of the crown and root of the tooth.

Where traditional orthodontic treatment require the extraction of “healthy teeth” to make space FASTBRACES does not.

FASTBRACES can help people who have:-

  • crooked teeth
  • gaps in their teeth
  • previous brace work that has lapsed due to lack of retention
  • patients not wanting to wear a brace for a longer than necessary period of time
  • patients not wanting extractions as part of their brace treatment

FASTBRACES can be in a metal bracket or a white/clear bracket.

Fastbraces at Meltham Dental Care, Huddersfield Dentist

Fastbraces perfecting your smile in Holmfirth and Huddesfield


Braces in Huddersfield and Holmfrith

White/clear bracket

FASTBRACES technology uses low mean friction forces which means less pain and less root resorption compared to traditional braces.

After your treatment is complete you will have to wear a retainer. Initially you will need to wear the retainers for around 20 hours a day for the first 3 months. After this they are worn every night for the next 3 months and then for 15 minutes daily for life. This is to maintain root parallelism and orthodontic positioning and prevent relapse.


FASTBRACE treatment times and prices are dependent on the complexity of the case. Fees are the same for single arches and double arches.

Mild cases of crowding/complexity will take 3-6 months and will cost from £1500

Moderate cases of crowding complexity will take 6-8 months and will cost from £2000

Advance cases of crowding complexity will take 8 – 12 months and will cost from £2500

The above prices are based on the more traditional metal bracket. If you would prefer the white/clear bracket an additional fee of £500 per arch should be added along with an increase in treatment time.

At the practice we can also offer 0% finance and low cost finance through a third party finance company.

If you are looking for a dentist to provide you with braces in Huddersfield and Holmfirth why not give us a call for a free consultation.

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