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Invisible Braces Huddersfield

Are you unhappy with your teeth but wouldn’t feel happy wearing a traditional “metal” brace to straighten your teeth? At Meltham Dental Care your local Huddersfield Dentist we are proud to provide the Quick Straight teeth brace systems. This system makes straight teeth more affordable. No “train track” or “ugly betty” braces just clear brackets and wires or clear “gum shield like” aligners.

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Tooth Whitening in Huddersfield and Holmfirth

If your teeth are discoloured and you are embarrassed by your smile, our tooth whitening services could be the answer. Tooth whitening is a simple, straight forward and painless procedure which can dramatically improve the shade of your teeth.

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FASTBRACES in Holmfirth and Huddersfield

At Meltham Dental Care we are proud to provide the FASTBRACES® brace system. A system design, which allows treatment to be completed in months, not years.

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Tooth Whitening from £200

Tooth Whitening is a very popular treatment at the practice and throughout December and January we have had many patients opting to have this treatment carried out.

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Braces and Bonding – Dentist Huddersfield

Many patients are opting to have braces on their teeth to straighten them, alongside a treatment called composite bonding which is carried out once the brace has been removed. Braces will align your teeth, but they cannot change their natural shape. That is why we use the composite bonding technique just to perfect the smile a little more.

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Tooth Coloured Restorations Local dentist in Huddersfield and Holmfirth

Most people have fillings of one sort or another in their mouths and would like to have a smile that doesn’t show their “metal fillings”. Today’s Blog is going to look at some of your options and maybe answer some questions you have but have not asked your dentist.

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