Dental Emergency - Tooth rebuilt using composite bonding

February 26, 2019

Patients have different reasons for attending the dentist, some come on a regular basis for their oral health examination, others attend for cosmetic treatment as they want to perfect their smile. Today's blog is about a patients experience who attended with a "dental emergency".

When you are on holiday the last thing you want is for your front tooth to fracture. Unfortunately this happened to one of our patients, her veneer on her front tooth fractured.

Broken veneer

Broken veneer

The patient contacted the practice as soon as possible and we were able to see her within 24hours of her arriving back home. During the consultation Usman discussed the options with the patient, which were either a replacement veneer or composite bonding.

The patient was very keen to have a quick fix as she was very concerned about the aesthetics of her front tooth due to the fractured veneer.

During the consultation Usman presented the patient with different cases he had completed using veneers and composite bonding. Using pictures is always a great way to explain treatments to patients, the patient said seeing the pictures meant she "trusted Usman to do the treatment".

The patient decided to have the composite bonding as it was the least invasive and quicker treatment, although she was a little apprehensive as she had never had the treatment before and was unsure as to how close the colour match would be to her existing veneer.

The treatment was completed in 1 hour and the patients said "I am very happy with the outcome and I would recommend this treatment to other people"

Dental Emergency - Tooth Rebuilt using Composite Bonding at Meltham Dental Care

Tooth rebuilt using composite bonding

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