Cleaning in-between your teeth

January 14, 2017

A large proportion of the population only use a toothbrush to clean their teeth and use no form of interdental cleaning.

Regardless of the toothbrush or tooth brushing technique all plaque deposits cannot be removed by brushing alone.

Mouthwashes can help in the further reduction of plaque.  Using interdental cleaning appliances such as dental floss, irrigation devices, tufted brushes and interdental brushes can often help to reduce the plaque deposits further.

What is interdental cleaning?

Interdental cleaning refers to cleaning between the teeth. Decay usually starts on the chewing surfaces of teeth and at the contact point between the teeth.

  • Plaque and food particles stick to the teeth in these areas.
  • The bacteria in plaque are able to convert these food particles into acids.

Incorrect cleaning and build-up of plaque and food particles is a major cause of tooth decay and gum disease.

You need to be aware of the fact that plaque is being formed continuously. Plaque formation and growth cannot be stopped. It can only be controlled by regular daily brushing, interdental cleaning and the use of other dental aids.
This must also be accompanied by regular professional dental care.

There are two essential daily routines that will prevent decay and gum disease.  They are to brush your teeth and clean inbetween your teeth, at least twice a day.

How do I use interental brushes?

You can watch the video below on interdental cleaning.

Who should use interdental cleaning appliances?

Interdental cleaning appliances should be used by the majority of individuals. For further advice please discuss this with your dentist or hygiene therapist, individuals who have had any of the following treatments are very likely to benefit from interdental cleaning appliances.

  •  gum (periodontal) problems
  •  crown and bridgework
  •  wearing orthodontic appliances
  • who have extensive fillings

Interdental cleaning is usually not recommended to children due to the risk of damage due to incorrect usage.

  • Different types of floss are available, such as regular floss, dental tape and super floss.
  • Floss is also available on a plastic holder, in the shape of a bow. It forms “the string of the bow” and it makes flossing very manageable.

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