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I've been with the practice since 1998... 26 years I think! I had Invisalign about 4 years ago. I started to consider it when I was getting little sores on the inside of my gum, because my incisors were coming forward, so I think my back teeth had gone back. I'd had dental treatment when I was in my 20's, because my front teeth were going back, and then they started to go back again. I thought I need to get this done, because of what was going on the inside of my lip.

When I came to see Bal, who did it, he was absolutely fine. He talked me through it all, told me how long it would take and it was absolutely fine, and I haven't had any problems since.

Sue, Invisalign Patient
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Sue's Story - Invisalign Clear Aligners

What's it like to be an Invisalign patient at Meltham Dental Care? Watch Sue's testimonial to find out.

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