Smiling with Confidence after completing Quick Straight Teeth

March 27, 2017

Today's blog is a patient testimonial, from a patient who has just completed Quick Straight Teeth, one of the tooth straightening systems we offer at the practice.

Nearly invisible fixed brace

Nearly Invisible Braces from Quick Straight Teeth


What Made you book a "smile Consultation"?

The facebook page enticed me, as I'd been elsewhere and had been quoted over  £2,000 and the treatment time was 18 months

What were your initial concerns when you came to the practice?

I was very conscious of my teeth as my incisors appeared to protrude whilst my two front teeth were set back

How long did the treatment take?

A shorter time as we had estimated 4 - 9 months

Prior to your consultation were you aware that this treatment was available to you?

No,  I'd written it off I thought it was too much money and resigned myself to living with my teeth as they were

Were you happy with the treatment cost?

£1350 incredibly good value for money for the care I had.

Do you feel more confident about your smile now the treatment is complete?

Definitely, especially in photos

What three things do you think the treatment has improved about your smile?

Whiteness, symmetry and I smile with more confidence

Would you recommend the treatment to others?

Yes, its so quick and not uncomfortable with no pain

Quick Straight Teeth

Teeth prior to Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth

Teeth after Quick Straight Teeth and Tooth Whitening

If you are concerned about your teeth just as this patient was why not book in for a complimentary consultation. If you would like more information on the different brace systems we provide why not complete a contact forms and request a brochure.

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