Straighter, Whiter Teeth in Six Months

April 6, 2016

Patient testimonial after Braces, Tooth whitening and Composite bonding

We can provide a FREE* consultation to advise you of all the options available to you if this is something you are considering.

Read a recent testimonial from a young lady who decided to have treatment ready for a special day………

1. What made you book a “smile consultation”?

“I am getting married and I wanted the perfect smile”.

2. What were your initial concerns when you came to the practice?

“I didn’t like my front tooth , it seemed bent towards one side”

3. How long did your treatment take?

“Six months”

4. Was it a longer or shorter time frame than you initially thought, prior to booking your “smile consultation”?

“It was shorter than I thought”

5. Were you aware that this treatment was available to you?

“Yes I knew about the braces but didn’t know about the build ups”

6. Where you happy with the cost of the treatment?


7. Do you feel more confident about your smile now the treatment is complete?

“Yes, I smile for pictures now, not hiding my teeth”

8. What three things do you think the treatment has improved about your smile?

“I don’t hide my teeth, I am more smiley now and the are nice and white”

9. Would you recommend the treatment to others and why?

“ Yes, I have been well looked after, everyone is great”

Before Quick Straight Teeth, Composite Boning, Teeth Whitening at Meltham Dental Care

Before Quick Straight Teeth, composite bonding and tooth whitening

After Quick Straight Teeth and Teeth Whitening at Meltham Dental Care

Happy patient on completion of treatment in just six months

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