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For many patients teeth whitening can be a very simple treatment but has a big impact on their lives. Patients feel more confident about the colour of their teeth and smile with confidence when in the past they were self-conscious.

Teeth can be whitened either by covering your natural tooth structure up, or by whitening your actual teeth.

Covering your natural teeth colour:

This is when your natural tooth is covered by either a veneer or a crown. This may be considered if your tooth has previously been heavily restored or if the underlying tooth shape also requires improving.

Whitening your actual tooth structure:

This is when your natural teeth have their colour whitened.

There are several methods which are used to whiten your natural teeth structure. These include:

Home teeth whitening – our favoured approach

Boutique Teeth Whitening available at Meltham Dental Care

Boutique Whitening – teeth whitening treatment at Meltham Dental Care

Home teeth whitening is our favoured approach and tried and tested. Home teeth whitening uses bespoke teeth whitening trays made for your mouth. Once bespoke teeth whitening trays are made, provision of whitening gel along with a regime to wear your trays daily for a number of hours for a few weeks will lead to your teeth gradually becoming whiter.

Home teeth whitening is found to be very effective in most cases.

Patient after Teeth Whitening and Composite Bonding

Other methods which are used to whiten your natural teeth structure include:

Whitening with Toothpastes, Gels and Mouthwashes

There and numerous brands available, these have been shown to have limited results.

Power teeth whitening and laser teeth whitening

Power whitening or In House Whitening uses higher concentration whitening agents, often along with special lights or lasers (laser teeth whitening) to enhance the effect of the whitening agents. This approach allows for whitening to be carried out in a single visit and it allows for individuals to have the treatment and forget about it. Power whitening can lead to increased sensitivity due to the increased concentrations of whitening agents. Many of the whitening agents previously used for this procedure are now illegal to use due to a change in legislation which does not allow the use of higher concentration whitening agents in the mouth.

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